“One of the fun things about the movie is that Forrest seems to brush near all these historic people and historic events and Forrest is wonderful for telling the story because we can present through his eyes this tapestry of American History.” – Robert Zemeckis

The film was released July 6, 1994. Based off of the novel written by Winston Groom in 1986, it instantly became a phenomenon. The making of the movie was quite revolutionary in the way it was created. There was no clear beginning, middle, and end as Forrest narrates his life on a park bench in Savannah, GA. There was also no clear cut battle between good and evil, in essence it is the story of one man trying to make his way through life in America and creating his own destiny. While the main character is fiction the events he passes through are not. By linking these events together the movie creates the atmosphere of America in the sixties and seventies. To learn more about the making of Forrest Gump click herehere, and here for a couple of YouTube videos.

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